// Why Ortenau?

The Ortenau region has a special position in Southern Germany. Nowhere else can you find such a diverse number of industrial businesses, natural beauty and cultural magic – all right on the border with both France and Switzerland.

This environment results in continuous immigration from all parts of Germany. It also explains the glowing outlook of the Regional Statistical Office, which analyses demographic change. The constant influx into the Ortenau region also provides a healthy age structure in the long term with a high proportion of families and children.

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What you can expect!

Owner-managed mid-sized businesses and renowned global market leaders. Entrepreneurs who personally know and value all of their employees. Incomparable opportunities for advancement and development. Pleasant working conditions in challenging and highly modern companies.

Ortenau is innovative and inspires innovation. Without the companies in the Ortenau region, there would be no...

tunnels through the Alps. No carbon paper. No airbags. No clean dishes in cafeterias. No cherries for Mon Chérie. No construction steel. No SMART towers. No prefabricated houses. No hotel bathroom fittings. No gear wheels. No camper vans. No level metering. No Bambi award ceremony. No pharmaceutical fridges. No automated vegetable processing. No hacksaws. No insulating windows. No retail giants. No sanitary ceramics. No taps. No tempering units. No flake ice. No BUNTE and no FOCUS. No Europa-Park and no Euro-Maus.


What you won't find here:

Big brands with false promises, unclear corporate structures, quarterly results based on short-term outlooks, hire and fire.


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